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Getting to an undetectable viral load is the first goal of any HIV treatment.

But it shouldn’t be the only one.

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My new goal

An undetectable viral load is a good start. Feeling less afraid of side effects is also key to the equation.

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In addition to an undetectable viral load, what would your new HIV treatment goal be? To feel empowered with your healthcare team? To feel more confident about your HIV treatment decisions? To be determined to find the best treatment for you?

No matter what your NEW GOAL may be, we’d like to help you get there.

Let’s first look at things that may be getting in the way.

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Side Effects

At this point, you may have gotten used to certain side effects. Keep in mind, there may be nothing “normal” about them. Be sure to talk to your doctor about these or any other side effects you may be experiencing.

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Life Effects

Your HIV medicines may be affecting your life in ways that may not be so obvious to you. Do any of the following things sound familiar?

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You may not have to cope with the effects HIV and HIV medicines have on your life. There may be other treatment options for you. It’s important that you talk with your doctor and set your NEW GOAL.

Use these questions to start the conversation:

  • Could my HIV treatment be causing these side effects?
  • Is there another effective treatment that would be an option for me?
  • Could we treat my HIV effectively with fewer pills?
  • How can we make my HIV treatment dosing schedule fit better into my daily routine?
  • Sometimes I skip doses because of side effects. Is that OK?
  • Should we consider changing my HIV treatment?

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In addition to having an undetectable viral load, choose your new goal below.
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  • Select
  • Empowered with my healthcare team
  • Confident about my treatment decisions
  • Determined to get the best treatment options for me
  • Motivated to get a treatment plan that fits the way I live
  • Courageous feeling less afraid of side effects

My new goal

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Learn about educational events in your area.

ViiV Healthcare hosts events all over the country where HIV experts and community leaders discuss ways to help people with HIV set new treatment goals. Your voice is important, so come, listen, and be heard.

Atlanta, GA

Oct 21
11:00am - 2:00pm

Loudermilk Conference Center
40 Courtland Street NE
Register: 1-844-682-7234
Miami, FL

Oct 26
6:00pm - 8:30pm

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
1300 Biscayne Blvd
Register: 1-844-682-7234
Los Angeles, CA

Nov 4
11:00am - 2:00pm

Courtyard Marriott
901 West Olympic Blvd.
Register: 1-844-682-7234

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